This is a preliminary list of accepted minisymposia. MS organizers are also informed by email and are kindly asked to remind their speakers to submit their individual abstracts in a timely manner.

If you have been contacted by a MS organizer, please submit your 75-100 word abstract for your talk in the respective minisymposium via EasyChair:

Please prefix the title of your submission with "MT<number>" (short for minisymposium talk in MS <number>).



MS 08     Efficient Solvers for Heterogeneous Nonlinear Problems (J. Galvis, L. Dalcín, N. Collier, V. Calo)

MS 10     Non-overlapping Discretization Methods and How to Achieve the DDM-paradigm (I. Herrera, L. de La Cruz)

MS 11     Domain Decomposition Methods in Implementations (C. Engwer, G. Kanschat)

MS 12     Achieving Scalability in Domain Decomposition Methods: Advances in Coarse Spaces and Alternatives
                 (F. Kwok, K. Santugini)

MS 13     Solvers for Isogeometric Analysis and Applications (L. Beirão da Veiga, L. Pavarino, S. Scacchi)

MS 14     Domain Decomposition Techniques in Practical Flow Applications (M. Genseberger, M. Borsboom)

MS 15     Space-Time Parallel Methods (D. Ruprecht, R. Speck)

MS 16     Efficient Solvers for Frequency Domain Wave Problems (V. Dolean, M. Gander, I. Graham)

MS 17     Efficient Solvers (S. Loisel)

MS 18     Advances in FETI-DP and BDDC Methods (A. Klawonn, O. Widlund)

MS 19     Domain Decomposition Methods for Environmental Modeling (F. Lemarié, A. Rousseau)

MS 20     Solution Techniques for Discontinuous Galerkin Methods (B. Ayuso de Dios, S. Brenner)

MS 25     Parallel Multigrid Methods (K. Kahl, M. Bolten)


The preliminary schedule can be downloaded as pdf.