Some of the participants have sent us their slides to be made available here.


Alduncin, Gonzalo: Mesoscopic and macroscopic mixed variational analysis of two-phase flow in fractured porous media (pdf)

Bercovier, Michel: Applications of non-matching domain decomposition methods to isogeometric analysis (pdf)

Bernardi, Christine: Local simplification of Darcy’s equations with pressure dependent permeability (pdf)

Everdij, Frank: Domain decomposition and parallel direct solvers as an adaptive multiscale strategy for damage simulation in materials (pdf)

Gao, Longfei: Preconditioning techniques for mass matrices arising from isogeometric analysis (pdf)

Kang, Kab Seok: A fast parallel Poisson solver for scrape-off-layer (pdf)

Kim, Hyea Hyun: A de luxe FETI-DP preconditioner for a staggered discontinuous Galerkin formulation of H(curl) in two dimensions (pdf)

Hackbusch, Wolfgang: Numerical treatment of tensors and new discretisation paradigms (pdf)

Krell, Stella: Higher order optimized Schwarz algorithms in the framework of DDFV schemes (pdf)

Mehrmann, Volker: Numerical solution of PDE eigenvalue problems in acoustic field computation (pdf)

Michaud, Jérôme: From core-collapse supernova neutrino transport to fuzzy domain decomposition methods (pdf)

Moore, Stephen: Discontinuous Galerkin isogeometric analysis for elliptic PDEs on surfaces (pdf)

Nguyen, Hieu: An optimal preconditioner for parallel adaptive finite elements (pdf)

Pechstein, Clemens: A TDNNS-FETI method for compressible and almost incompressible elasticity (pdf)

Santugini, Kévin: Achieving scalability in DDM without coarse spaces: piecewise Krylov methods (pdf)

Subber, Waad: Two-level Schwarz preconditioner for the stochastic finite element method (pdf)

Thierry, Bertrand: Open-source finite element solver for domain decomposition problems (pdf)

Vabishchevich, Petr: Domain decomposition methods with overlapping subdomains for the time-dependent problems (pdf)

Vergara, Christian: Optimized Schwarz methods for problems with cylindrical interfaces (pdf)

Vion, Alexandre: Double sweep preconditioner for Schwarz methods applied to the Helmholtz equation (pdf)

Widlund, Olof: BDDC deluxe domain decomposition algorithms (pdf)

Zampini, Stefano: Isogeometric BDDC preconditioners with deluxe scaling (pdf)

Zhang, Hui: Sweeping preconditioners and source transfer in the context of domain decomposition (pdf)